now i’m allergic to everything?!

blue food colouring? a teen burger!? 

what the efff. ):

the days when you weren’t going to wake’n’bake,

until you went to work for an hour and walked out.

Eff that noise.

My sister is cooler than your sister.

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I just started watching deadmau5’s Coffee Run with Zedd and now I miss the Lakeshore. ): And Toronto. Vancouver Island doesn’t have Toronto. British Columbia doesn’t have Toronto. It’s so damn far away now. Booo.

we used to talk, now we disconnect.

we used to blow smoke, now we dissociate. 

a poem i wrote:

I am void:
The scathing wasteland of macabre kisses and marble touch;
The shell of nightmares,
Poised to strike the head off your shoulders,
The flesh from your fingertips,
In the obscenity of my daydreams.
I’ve got the charisma to fool Congress,
And the guts to flirt with Lady Justice,

(Until she summoned through the blindfold,
With disgust shifting her scale from my favour
To cast me alongside,
The rats and filth of the system)
Now my prison is my home,
Where seasons somersault in the free air,
Between the crude lines of steel
That will forevermore obscure my vision.
Where brunettes flaunt freedom,
In the face of their aggressor.
Where my necro-feeling fantasies,
Are doomed to wallow,
Until this wasteland, 
This churning void of humanity,
Is cast away
Riding lightning to infinity.

maybe I should get back into this.



these are my new favorite joel gifs omf g

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Mau5 at Veld Festival

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